Lynnette is a “hair cut & color specialist.” For over 20 years, combining her education and love for creating beauty, Lynnette has earned a successful career and a loyal clientele. She has been trained by the best in London, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Detroit and Cleveland. After only 3 years in her career she began teaching the latest trends in cutting and styling for the Glemby Co. through Jacobson’s Salon.

    Because Lynnette’s background, talents and careers have always been in the arts, she has a keen eye; sense and passion for creating a unique look for each client. She creates shapes and blends a variety of colors into her clients’ hair that highlights their natural facial shape, hair type, color palette and life style. While specializing in cuts, color and corrective color, Lynnette is well versed in many other hair services and for all hair types.

    Is your hair fine and straight?
    Lynnette knows the fine line of leaving enough length to increase volume, while cutting and texturing to take away weight, encouraging bounce and movement. She will educate you on quality products, services and styling techniques to achieve full-bodied hair that will help you produce the same “Salon Look” at home.

    Do you like the option of wearing your hair Curly or Straight?
    Lynnette can “relax or smooth” your hair with the latest products to achieve a sleek and sexy look. Lynnette can give you just the right cut and show you which products to use for the most versatility.

    Lynnette’s Goal: “Healthy, easy-care hair for every client that complements their looks and lifestyle."

    For personal consultation or to make an appointment:
    Please call Lynnette at (419) 344-4777

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