In her 30 years of business, Dianne has seen that anyone can have beautiful, healthy, luminous hair. Whether it's Melissa Mackey from Chicago Illinois, Marlene Young from Toledo Ohio or Karen Jarosz from Sylvania Ohio, they continue to come back over the years, because they trust that she will not only listen to their needs but also use the knowledge gained through her certifications in cut and color to deliver.

    Dianne has not only used her certifications to cut and color hair, but she has also passed on her experience by teaching continuing education classes in Northwest Ohio.

    And when she's not creating a sexy, new style or teaching, she is training her clients how to maintain that style as well as which products will bring out the best in their hair.

    It's not "just cutting hair", it's listening, it's using the best products, it's staying on top of the latest fashions and styles. It's being flexible to her clients needs... it's professionalism.

    So whether you're looking for something new or want to maintain your current style, let Dianne use her 30 years of experience to exceed your expectations to bring out the best in you!

    Direct contact: 419.367.4329

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